Another Night

01 November 2011

An original take on Gandhi’s last days, translated from Tamil by N Kalyan Raman

GANDHI WOKE UP as soon as the sound of Dhaniklal’s footsteps came closer.

‘Dhaniklalji, you haven’t gone to sleep yet? Why are you up and about at midnight? I have begged you so many times not to trouble yourself over me. You people are making me feel guilty. Our duty right now is to do something for our grief-stricken people. That would be far more worthwhile than ministering to me, Dhaniklalji!’

Devibharathi is editor-in-charge of Kalachuvadu magazine. He has published two short story collections, a collection of poems, a play and a collection of his essays.

Keywords: fiction Mumbai Tamil translation Mahatma Gandhi Devibharathi N Kalyan Raman Pirakoru Iravu