The Caravan considers privacy of the information collected from the users of this website ( to be of utmost importance and follows a strict policy to protect the information. This policy lays down the practices and procedures that we follow in collecting, storing and handling the information provided by users of this website.

The Caravan collects demographic details like name, email, address and telephone number at the time of registration of a user on this website. The required information needed to register is restricted to the name and email address of the user and the user has the option not to provide other details at the time of registration

The Caravan also tracks visitor behaviour on the website using GoogleTM Analytics. The information collected includes IP address, browser and Operating system details and pages visited by a user on the website.

The user by providing such information to us authorises us to use it in accordance with the terms of this policy.

The Caravan collects information that helps us in providing the best experience to the user while using the website. The information also helps us in understanding visitor behavior and demographics and enables us to create and present content in a manner that is most useful for visitors. The information collected at the time of registration is used for communicating offers, newsletters and other relevant information to users.

The Caravan restricts access to user information collected to authorized personnel alone and such access is restricted by means of passwords.

The Caravan follows security practices and procedures that are consistent with international standards. We follow well defined administrative, technical and physical security control procedures to provide reasonable protection to information provided by the users.

The Caravan may, in some cases, transfer information to third parties if it is necessary to meet the purpose of collecting such data. Such transfer of information will only be done if the third party follows the same level of data protection as that followed by The Caravan . The Caravan never sells information provided by a user to a third party.

The Caravan could change terms of this policy at any time and this will be communicated to the users by updating the “Privacy Policy” page on this website.

In some cases The Caravan will have to disclose the information collected from users to the Government to fulfil its legal obligations. Such disclosure will only be carried out with agencies of the Government or agencies authorised by it and no information other than that which is required to be disclosed under law will be transferred to such agencies.

If a user has any grievance related to the privacy of information provided to The Caravan he may contact Pawan Gupta who is designated as the Grievance Officer in this regard. The user can contact the Grievance Officer by email on [email protected] or by phone at 011-41398888.