Submit to Us

To submit a story idea (whether for the print magazine or for Vantage, our web-exclusives section), send a pitch, your résumé and a list of your published works to

Please note that while we read every pitch we receive, we are unable to respond to each one. Note also that we are currently not accepting fiction or poetry submissions.

Pitches for the Lede section should be 100-200 words long. Pitches for all other sections should be 300-400 words long. To familiarise yourself with our various sections and the contents and style of each one, please see our previously published pieces.

Photo Essay proposals will be considered for both the print magazine and for Vantage. Submissions should consist of at least 20 images from the proposed series, along with a written description of 200-300 words, all in a single PDF file. We prefer photo essays that offer a narrative, rather than ones that offer news coverage alone. Please do not send zipped folders of high-resolution images with your proposal.

For the Showcase, readers may contribute very short reviews of noteworthy artistic and cultural events: exhibitions, theatre or music performances, festivals, conferences or others. Including good photographs with a submission improves its chances of being accepted. Please note that Showcase is not open to reviews from marketers or publicists, and there will be no remuneration for contributions to this section.