A Rich Harvest of Accidents

The songs in Found Music are conversations between Amit Chaudhuri, at different moments, and Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, The Doors, The Byrds and The Beach Boys

01 March 2011

A COMB, A TYPEWRITER COVER, a hat rack, a coat rack, a bottle rack and a urinal.

The sound of sparrows and the tanpura, women’s voices in Bengali and German, Indian classical music and a Tagore song, the ticking of a clock, an alarm going off, a hissing sound and footsteps, the closing of a door, a car horn, the tabla, the guitar, voices saying “Relax, relax” or “Henry, Henry”, and the sound of laughter.

“Found” anything common between the two sets?

Sumana Roy writes from Siliguri, a small town in sub-Himalayan Bengal. She is online at www.sumanaroy.com.

Keywords: Bengali Amit Chaudhuri Kolkata fusion Found Music Leonard Cohen