The House Of Fear

01 February 2010

The bestselling Imran series are Urdu cult classics, now translated into English for the first time. Featuring the eccentric detective title-character, Imran, The House of Fear is the first in this series and opens with the discovery of dead bodies in an abandoned house, each bearing three identical dagger marks, exactly five inches apart. Who could the murderer be? In these two chapters, we begin to find out.

Excerpted with permission from The House of Fear by Ibn-e Safi (Random House 2010)

Translated from the Urdu by BILAL TANWEER

Ibn-e-Safi IBN-E-SAFI created two great mystery series, Jasoosi Duniya and the Imran series, during the 1950s, both translated into several languages. Born in 1928 in India, he died in 1980 in Karachi.

Keywords: fiction Urdu The House of Fear Ibn-e-safi Bilal Tanveer