The Forgotten Waltz

01 May 2011

This month, we bring you an early look at Booker Prize winner Anne Enright’s first novel since The Gathering.


IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE CHILD then none of this might have happened, but the fact that a child was involved made everything that much harder to forgive. Not that there is anything to forgive, of course, but the fact that a child was mixed up in it all made us feel that there was no going back; that it mattered. The fact that a child was affected meant we had to face ourselves properly, we had to follow through.

Anne Enright has written five novels, including The Gathering, which won the Man Booker Prize. She has also published three collections of stories and a work of nonfiction. Her  novel, The Forgotten Waltz, will be published in 2011.

Keywords: fiction