Will approach Supreme Court to make centre pay states GST cess for COVID fight: Kerala FM Thomas Isaac

06 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is breaking the financial backbone of most of the state governments, which are facing rising expenditures and plunging revenues. At this difficult time, Kerala’s finance minister, the economist Thomas Isaac, told the independent senior journalist Anto T Joseph that the central government has not allotted any funds aside from the budgeted amounts to the states, nor has it allowed increased borrowing. The centre has given states “absolutely no additional money to fight the pandemic,” Isaac said. “It’s scandalous.” 

The states’ struggle is compounded by the centre’s delay in paying the Goods and Services Tax compensation cess, Isaac said. The cess was instituted to help states make up for any loss of revenue due to the implementation of the GST, from when the GST laws were enacted in 2017, for a period of five years. Isaac said that the Kerala government plans to approach the Supreme Court, to compel the centre to pay. The finance minister said he will approach other finance ministers to back his decision.

Anto T Joseph: State governments are facing a tough time with their reserves fast depleting. How much is the drop in revenues due to the lockdown, in your assessment?
Thomas Isaac: Under lockdown conditions, our revenues will be about twenty percent of the normal. There is no GST revenue in lockdown, understandably. Then, we have stopped the lottery. All liquor shops are closed in Kerala. [There is] no sale of motor vehicles. And land transactions are virtually nil.

Anto T Joseph is a Mumbai-based senior journalist and a British Chevening Scholar. He has worked with DNA, the Economic Times, The Guardian (UK) and the Deccan Chronicle Group as a writer, editor and columnist.

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