Mosque bulldozed at Rohingya camp in Delhi

CK Vijayakumar
27 July, 2021

On 12 June, a fire razed all the homes at a Rohingya refugee camp in Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar area. Only the mosque, one handpump and two toilets survived the fire. While many families relocated, 16 families remained on the Madanpur Khadar land, which belongs to the Uttar Pradesh irrigation department.

On 22 July, at 6 am, the UP Police and officials from the department of land records moved the tents of the 16 families to the main road adjacent to the land, and bulldozed the handpumps, toilets and mosque at the camp, according to the Rohingya refugees who stayed there. The refugees said they were given no prior notice of the demolition, and that the UP officials destroyed their mosque despite their pleas.