On the spot

On the spot: Human-animal conflict in Jim Corbett Park area sparks protests

18 December 2023

On 14 December, the residents of villages around Ramnagar, Uttarakhand staged a protest at the Dhela Jhirna zone of the Corbett National Park. The demonstration was sparked by the killing of two women by a tiger in the area. The protests were supported by various local organisations, who helped protestors stop the movement of tourists. Their demands ranged from protection of humans, crops and cattle from wild animals to adequate compensation for those injured and for the families who had lost members. The protestors also announced that if their issues were not resolved at the earliest, they would hold another demonstration at the forest complex in Ramnagar, on 21 December.

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    Parijat is a Hindi translator at The Caravan.

    Keywords: wildlife Uttarakhand protests Jim Corbett