In Haryana's Nuh, Hindutva groups and right-wing media threaten the peace

CK Vijayakumar

Nuh, formerly known as Mewat, is the only Muslim majority district in Haryana. Around 79 percent of Nuh’s population is Muslim. Hindutva groups and right-wing news media have been targeting Nuh for over a year now. In June 2020, Sudarshan News ran a multi-part series claiming that the Muslims in Mewat (Nuh) are oppressing Hindus.  

Hindutva groups have been organising meetings in adjacent districts, calling for violence against Muslims. In a meeting held on 30 May in Indri, Suraj Pal Amu, the spokesperson of the Haryana unit of the Bhartiya Janata Party spoke in support of the men arrested in the murder of a Muslim man. In another meeting organised in Pataudi on 4 July, speakers openly called for violence against Muslims.