Uncle Shrinivas wants probe in Judge Loya death case, says Anuj may be “under pressure”

15 January 2018
Courtesy Mridula Chari/ Scroll
Courtesy Mridula Chari/ Scroll

Shrinivas Loya, the 81-year-old paternal uncle of the special CBI judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, has said that the judge’s son Anuj Loya is “too young” and likely “under pressure,” after the 21-year-old addressed a press conference in Mumbai on Sunday, 14 January. Anuj claimed in the press conference that there was “no doubt in family” that his father had died a natural death.

Shrinivas, speaking to The Caravan magazine late Sunday night, also said he wanted an inquiry into the death of the judge, who purportedly died of a heart attack in Nagpur, in December 2014.

When asked why Anuj, who appeared in the video recordings of the Mumbai press conference to be referring to a written statement on his lap, would have told the press what he did, Shrinivas said: “Now what should I say. Is he adult enough? He’s just crossed 18. There might be pressure [on him.]”

The advocate Ameet Naik, who accompanied Anuj at the press conference, Shrinivas said “himself was saying that the boy is young and there were pressures He added: “If his [Anuj’s earlier] view is to be considered, it was to have an inquiry.”

Shrinivas reiterated that “an inquiry has to be there.” “If you ask me as a citizen, not as a relative. My view as a citizen is the inquiry initiated in the Supreme Court has to proceed. This is my personal view as a citizen,” he said, referring to the petition for a probe into Judge Loya’s death, which is scheduled to be heard before a Supreme Court bench headed by the judge Arun Mishra on January 16.

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