Survival and Loss in Hashimpura: A Photo Essay

Zarina, in the middle, whose husband, Zaheer, and son Javed were killed in the Hashimpura massacre, stares vacantly ahead at a meeting with other survivors and victims Parthiv Shah
28 March, 2015

This is part II of a Vantage three-part series on the Hashimpura massacre and the continued delay of justice.

There were few survivors the night an Uttar Pradesh Provincial Armed Constabulary regiment took fifty Muslim men from Hashimpura to the Upper Ganga and Hindol canals in Ghaziabad, and shot them. In 2008, Parthiv Shah visited Hashimpura when he was curating a photo exhibition on human rights. He found survivors and the families of those who were killed  trying to make sense of what happened to their lives twenty-one years ago, and unwilling to let their tragedy be forgotten. Here are a few photographs from that series.

See part I, 'How the Hashimpura Massacre Verdict Is Linked to a Loss of Faith in Our Country's Institutions,' by Monobina Gupta, here.