A Selection Of Short Reads From 2015

01 January 2016

To round up the year, here is a selection of some of our most talked-about short reads from 2015.

The J-Minus Model: Can Digital-Media Outfits Survive Without Journalists in Their Newsrooms?

TR Vivek, January

Under what was dubbed the K-Minus programme, Taco Bell eliminated the kitchen from its restaurants. The food, normally at the core of a restaurant business, was outsourced to vendors so that Taco Bell could save on labour cost, overheads and retail space, to focus fully on delighting the customers by serving them re-heated fajitas. Today, most fast food chains around the world and in India employ the K-Minus model. In this report, TR Vivek observed that a new breed of digital-media products have adopted a similar system through newsrooms without journalists, a phenomenon he dubbed the J-Minus model.

Tremendous Weight

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