A Selection Of Long Reads From 2015

31 December 2015

To round up our year in long-form journalism, here is a selection of some of our most talked-about long reads from 2015.

Private Practice

How Naresh Trehan Became One Of India’s Most Influential Doctor-Businessmen

Vidya Krishnan, February

Naresh Trehan is a renowned cardiac surgeon, and the founder and chairman of Medanta-Medicity, one of the biggest hospitals in the National Capital Region. India’s private health care industry is booming, and Trehan stands out as one of its greatest champions and beneficiaries. But outside private hospitals, the country’s health-care system is in disarray, with public hospitals lacking in doctors, funds and trust. Trehan sees the further growth of the private sector as the best solution, and has used his high media profile and ties to elite politicians to push for lucrative concessions. But can an already poorly regulated industry be trusted to adequately serve the public good while also pursuing its private interests? Vidya Krishnan profiled Trehan, and considered where Indian health care could go next.

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