S*x, M*rality and Cens*rship

01 March, 2010

When it was first staged in 1972, Sakharam Binder, Vijay Tendulkar’s landmark Marathi play about a Brahmin who has live-in relationships with destitute women, created a storm for its language, sex and violence. Nearly four decades later, the play is the focus of Sunil Shanbag’s new Hindi production, S*x, M*rality and Cens*rship.

S*x draws a comparison between censorship in the 1970s and the 2000s, while centering on the court case lodged by director Kamalakar Sarang against a ban on performances of Sakharam just after its fourth show. It took Sarang a year to win the case, and S*x weaves into the plot his published account of the court battle, Bindercha Diwas.

S*x, M*rality and Cens*rship, 13 and 14 March. Ranga Shankara, Bangalore. For details, visit www.indianifa.org or call 080 2341 4681.