Roddur Ola Gali (Sunny Alley)

01 March, 2010

Saltlake Monirath Group Theatre performs scenes from a Bengali adaptation of Thomas Brussig’s German novel Am Kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee (At the Shorter End of the Sun Alley), which is about life behind the Wall in erstwhile East Germany. Director Shantanu Bose was looking for a text that could talk about walls that separate ‘Bharat’ and ‘India,’ walls internal and external, personal and political, of protest and resistance. The play talks of land acquisition, genocide, political rivalry and the polarisation of people.

Roddur Ola Gali, 27 March, 6:30 pm, Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium, Kolkata. For details call 033 2486 6398.