Memory Keeper (Art)

01 February, 2013

Spanning memories of the era of British colonialism, the Sri Lankan civil war and the mass exodus of the Burghers, Sri Lankan artist Anoli Perera’s solo exhibition relates stories she has seen unfolding in Sri Lanka’s history. She uses installations to take viewers beyond private and public memory, and traverses a number of other themes including displacement, migration, globalisation and the advent of homogenous cultural forms. One of her works titled ‘Left Behinder’ has a canopied bed enmeshed by lace panels; on the bed, a trunk with a video installation is surrounded by a webbed-in constellation of bottles with food recipes encapsulated as posthumous references to the lost community of Burghers.

Memory Keeper, 1 to 18 February, Shrine Empire, 7,Friends Colony (West), Delhi. For more information,call (011) 4132-7630/ 2632-6930.