Gaj Foot Inch…

01 June, 2010

KP Saxena’s humourous play Gaj Foot Inch... can pose a challenge for both actors and directors since the humour lies not so much in the situation as in the language. The Hindi play deals with the deeper emotions of an adolescent boy (Tillu) on the threshold of adulthood and how he emerges a winner because of Jugni (his fiancée) who accepts him the way he is. Om Katare directs the play and the cast comprises Om Katare, Dharmendra, Priyanka Basu, Shashwita Sharma, Manish Popat, Gaurav Paswal and Deeksha Sonalkar.

Gaj Foot Inch…, 6 June, 8 pm, Mysore Association Hall, Mumbai.