Almost Island Dialogues

01 March, 2010

Almost Island Dialogues, a yearly international literary conference held in New Delhi, is designed to offer a more intimate alternative to the usual ‘celebrity festival’ format for literature. Almost Island is a free online literary magazine that is trying to develop a transnational vision from within India,  dedicating itself to writing that has been sidelined from the mainstream literary market because it is considered too experimental, formally innovative, complex, pure or simply too strange.   The festival mornings and afternoons are kept for extended, freewheeling discussions among the invited writers, with inputs from the audience; the evenings for readings and performances. This year’s writers will include, among many distinguished others, Eliot Weinberger, Tomaz Salamun and Joy Goswami.

Almost Island Dialogues, 18 to 21 March, India International Centre, New Delhi. Morning sessions require pre-registration.  For details, visit