Migrants from Another World: Part 4

The Fallen: Back in India with broken dreams after braving the migrant route through the Americas

09 September 2020
Illustration Courtesy CLIP - OCCRP
Illustration Courtesy CLIP - OCCRP

On 4 July 2019, people across the United States celebrated Independence Day with fireworks, barbecues and star-spangled flags.

That same day, three young men in their teens and early twenties—Sanjiv, Raja and Manpreet—left their village in northern India in pursuit of their own American dream. 

They had paid thousands of dollars to smugglers to transport them thousands of kilometres across the world in the hope of making a better life in the United States. They then spent months travelling on foot or by plane, boat and bus, down rivers and through jungles, crossing a continent along the way.

Ushinor Majumdar is a journalist with Confluence Media.

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