Widows of farmers at Tikri protest say new laws would compound hardships

18 December 2020
Nabeela paniyath for the caravan
Nabeela paniyath for the caravan

"No one is here to help,” Baldev Kaur said. “No one’s here when we are grieving. No one turns around to check up on us." On 16 December, hundreds of women at Tikri, on the Haryana-Delhi border, carried photos of their husbands and kin who had died by suicide due to financial distress in the farm sector. The women were attending an event that highlighted the issue of farmers’ suicides, organised by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) as a part of the ongoing protests against three new farm laws. The women explained how the new farm laws would compound their difficulties.

Prabhjit Singh is a contributing writer at The Caravan.

Nabeela Paniyath is the multimedia editor at The Caravan.

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