Scenes From Muslim Gullies

Hindu mobs terrorise Vijay Park’s residents

26 February 2020

Since 23 February, armed Hindu mobs have targeted Muslim neighbourhoods in northeast Delhi, including Babarpur, Maujpur and Vijay Park—all areas ruled by the BJP. At Vijay Park, some residents said they saw police chanting “Jai Shri Ram” and charging at Muslim neighbourhoods along with Hindu mobs. Other Muslim residents of Jaffrabad, many of whom sustained multiple injuries, said they were beaten up in front of policemen who refused to help.

On 23 February, Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, visited Babarpur, accompanied by people he claimed were CAA supporters. According to the Muslim residents of Jaffrabad and Vijay Park, the CAA supporters began attacking Muslim houses in the localities barely minutes after Mishra left. The situation in these areas continues to be volatile.

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    Shaheen Ahmed is a multimedia producer at The Caravan.

    Sagar is a staff writer at The Caravan.

    Keywords: mob violence Amit Shah Narendre Modi Arvind Kejriwal Citizenship (Amendment) Act Bharatiya Janata Party