Four Poems: Tips For Living In An Expanding Universe, Ceremony, Memorial Time and One such man

01 June 2013

ABOUT THE POEMS Lyric and linguistic intelligence combine with an impish wit in the poems of EV Ramakrishnan. The lyric speaker fashions a unity from diverse strands of experience, whether contemplating the universe of the future in ‘Tips For Living In An Expanding Universe’ or listing the eccentricities of a man out of joint with the world in ‘One Such Man’. A recurring observation is that human beings are falling away from language, whether shedding it like a skin in memorial silence (‘Memorial Time’) or losing it through sheer speed of technological progress (‘Expanding Universe’). Behind this world zipping with discordant new energies, there lies a more considered one of tradition, deliberation, and spectacle, the metaphor for which is the samurai sword of ‘Ceremony’. Describing it, the speaker almost seems to wield it; it seems the anchor of an expanding universe.

Tips For Living In An Expanding Universe

Imagine far is near, the language

EV Ramakrishnan is the author of three volumes of poetry: Being Elsewhere in Myself (1980), A Python in a Snake Park (1994) and Terms of Seeing: New and Selected Poems (2008). He also edited the seminal anthology of Indian poetry in translation from several languages, The Tree of Tongues (1999).

Keywords: poetry language modern Indian poetry