Four Poems: The Time-Eater, On Borders, The Memory Maker and Nightless Night

01 November 2012

ABOUT THE POEM The poems of Anupama Raju enact a world of metamorphoses and secrets, and their movement is continually toward a blurring and breaking down of walls and boundaries, whether physical or conceptual ones. In poems like ‘The Memory Maker’, every line throbs with the forces of shape-shifting; as soon as one transformation has been absorbed, we are catapulted into the space of another. One of her poems here is called ‘The Time-Eater’, and its most memorable image, coiled into the final pair of lines, is that of the human being and time feeding off one another before the stronger side wins the battle. But Raju’s taut, aphoristic style shows us how a poem, too, might be thought to be a kind of time-eater, working nimbly with syntax, rhythm and space to deliver effects that are experienced in small shots of time.‘Nightless Night’ and ‘The Memory Maker’ are from ‘Une Ville Un Lieu Une Personne’, a poetry-photography collaboration between Raju and the French photographer Pascal Bernard.

The Time-Eater

He eats time because his bones will need memories

Anupama Raju is a writer and corporate trainer. She writes for The Hindu, and her poems have been published in The Little Magazine, Indian Literature, Mint Lounge and several anthologies, including a forthcoming HarperCollins anthology.