Obama's Burden

Barack Obama’s presidency has been hated as much as it has been hyped. What remains consistent is his status as the most powerful man in the world. This month he visits India

01 November 2010
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THIS 7 NOVEMBER MARKS the day US President Barack Obama speaks in India’s parliament, an invitation not extended to his predecessor George W Bush. India’s connection with the US during the twilight of the Bush years was tethered by the controversial nuclear deal, but with Obama, India’s relationship with the superpower is not so clear-cut.

And Obama’s had other things on his mind. Coming into office amidst the largest financial crisis since 1929, this was the man the world looked to for a way out of the global credit crunch. Also waiting for presidential input were two flagging American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan rife for comparisons with Vietnam.

And if this weren’t enough, the first non-white President of the United States set out to overhaul the American healthcare system and was met with outright protests from his political foes and blue-collar citizens alike. Suddenly the messiah was branded a fascist antichrist.

Christopher Morris  is a founding member of the photo agency VII. He is best known for his work on war, and has won several accolades including the Robert Capa Gold Medal and the Visa’Or award. 

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