Attack on Caravan journalists: Delhi Union of Journalists condemns attack

14 August 2020

On 11 August 2020, three journalists working with The Caravan—Shahid Tantray, Prabhjit Singh and a woman journalist—were beaten, subjected to communal slurs, threatened with murder, and sexually harassed, while reporting in Subhash Mohalla, in northeast Delhi.

The Delhi Union of Journalists released a statement condemning the attack on the journalists and demanded immediate action. The statement is reproduced below. Read The Caravan’s report on the attack here.

The Delhi Union of Journalists condemns the selective targeting by Delhi Police of journalists who have reported or commented on the riots in North Delhi and the recent mob attack on three reporters of the Caravan while covering the aftermath of the riots.

The reporters were physically attacked by a communal mob led by a local politician and were eventually rescued by the Police. A young woman reporter faced lewd sexual harassment by the mob and ultimately sheltered in the police station. However, three days after the attacks the Police have not registered an FIR.