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A workshop on editing Wikipedia entries about India starts with street food

01 April 2012

BALADEVAN RANGARAJAN moved his brown beanbag to the centre of the room, closer to the round wooden table on which lay a Macbook. He wasn’t well acquainted with the laptop’s keyboard, so he used a wireless one instead. A wall-mounted flat screen TV transmitted the Macbook’s display to a gathering of 14 seated around the unadorned room.

The first step, he instructed the attendees, was to create a Wikipedia account. It was this year’s first summertime meeting for Wikipedia Meetup Delhi (WMD7, to be exact), and most in attendance were newcomers. Launched in 2010, the meetups have helped train aspiring Wikipedians in Delhi the art of editing Wikipedia entries about India.

While registering for an account, Rangarajan tried typing ‘baladevan’ for his username twice—but a prompt informed him that it was already being used by someone else. He tried ‘baladevan.rangarajan’ next, and this time the system accepted.

Krishn Kaushik  was formerly a staff writer at The Caravan.

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