The Reckoning

Women speak out against Gaurav Sawant, Jatin Das and Vijay Nair's OML

12 November 2018

A little over a year ago, the MeToo movement erupted in the United States with allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault coming out against several powerful men across industries. It led to not only collective outrage, but also a reckoning about the extent to which men have abused their power. Since last year, the movement has snowballed in India and a long line of celebrated men from professions such as politics, film, media and art stand accused. The consequences have been immense—MJ Akbar’s resignation as the minister of state for external affairs being the most notable example. For this special issue of The Caravan, our reporters have uncovered several accounts of survivors from the media, entertainment and art industries. The names of those under scrutiny include the well-known entrepreneur Vijay Nair, the artist Jatin Das and the journalist Gaurav Sawant.