Searching for Sita

01 September 2010

Ayodhya is prospering, ten years after Ram’s triumphant return from fallen Lanka. A journalist seeks to uncover the truth behind the dissatisfaction that brews at the heart of this regime, however—and behind the darkness that preys on the Lankan war’s heroes. Most importantly, where is Sita? In this extract from an unpublished novella, we revisit Ayodhya in a unique piece of speculative fiction.

Chapter One

IT WAS ALREADY DARK when I was ushered into her private parlor. She was barely visible, shrouded in shadows. She moved and the shadows slithered away, unwrapping her desiccated frame.

Keywords: Ayodhya Samhita Arni Ram Lanka Sita Lakshman Valmiki Kaikeyi Dasaratha Bharat Ravana Kausalya Sumitra Urmila Mithila King Janaka demcoracy dictatorship monarchy grass roots