The Transformations of Delhi

A conversation on Delhi’s rise and fall and rise

01 January 2011

To mark the anniversary of Delhi’s 100th year as India’s capital, we sat down with two distinguished Dilliwallas for a wide-ranging discussion about the twists and turns of

the city’s long history.

WILLIAM DALRYMPLE first came to live in Delhi in 1984, then returned in 1989 to write one of the classic books about the capital, City of Djinns; he has lived here on and off for the past two decades, and written a series of best-selling histories and travelogues, from White Mughals to Nine Lives.

William Dalrymple is an acclaimed author, historian and broadcaster. Some of his award-winning books include In XanaduCity of DjinnsFrom the Holy MountainThe Age of KaliWhite Mughals and The Last Mughal.

Keywords: Delhi Mahmood Farooqui William Dalrymple City of Djinns