Odayan II—Yuddham

01 August 2014

Suhas Sundar and Deepak Sharma

Pop Culture Publishing

92 pages, RS.200

After the success of their 2013 release Odayan, the author Suhas Sundar and the illustrator Deepak Sharma present Odayan II—Yuddham. Drawn in a beautiful array of colours and immersed in Malayali legends, this graphic novel is set in feudal Kerala, where a mysterious vigilante known as Odayan slowly amasses wealth and power through subterfuge and brute force. He builds a criminal empire that ultimately challenges the reign of the Zamorin himself. As the Zamorin pits his best masters against Odayan to rescue his reign, our hero proves himself a master of many arcane arts, including the martial tradition of Kalaripayattu.