Places of Wonder

The National Gallery of Modern Art presents a documentary series on landmark world heritage sites. The films, each 40-46 minutes long, look at Machu Pichu, the 15th-century ruins known as The Lost City of the Incas and situated on a mountain ridge in Peru; ancient Rome and its mysterious cities; Angkor Vat in Cambodia, the largest Hindu temple complex in the world; Yosemite, a glacial valley in the mountains of California; and Kakadu National Park and Arnhem land in Australia, one of the last great unspoiled areas of the world, with a predominantly indigenous people, whose traditional Aboriginal culture remains largely intact. Entry to the screenings is free.

Places of Wonder, 3 to 16 June, National Gallery of Modern Art, Manekyavelu Mansion, 49, Palace Road, Bengaluru. For more information, call 910-080-22342338