The wondrous life of Miss Malini

01 August 2014


THE SCENE: A PARTY AT OLIVE, a highly popular restaurant in Mumbai’s upscale Bandra area, with Greek-style white walls and gravel on the floors so treacherous that if you were in high heels you’d feel yourself sink and slip, your arms stretched out for balance, your ankles bending like contortionists. Malini Agarwal, aka Miss Malini, a celebrity blogger, was hosting a “Bombay street style” party for Social Media Week Mumbai 2013, part of a worldwide event to explore social media’s impact on business, society and culture. Live tweets from people at the party were projected onto a screen in the smoking area.

I arrived a little early, but Agarwal, who is 37 years old, greeted me politely, as a good host should. She invited me to a table with a few of her “real” friends, as opposed to people invited to the party only in connection with Social Media Week. “My friends are just ordering some dinner,” she said, “so you could sit with them if you like.”

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan is the author of three books. She lives in New Delhi.

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